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Aptive's tech solution provide real-world opportunities for growth by engaging students with tailored guidance and meaningful content for learning.

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Accelerate learning by accessing our products and solutions.

Whether to research a top ivy or find a best fit school, Aptive has the resources to build your lifelong portfolio. Our products are the best suited for variety of educational goals.

Discovering one's own path for personal and academic growth begins by accessing the right resources.

Aptive offers innovative products and solutions suited for a variety of goals. Researching a best fit school, collaborating with like-minded peers, or finding the right mentor; the possibilities start with one click.

Our Value Proposition

Online Tools

Tools for students to build
portfolio based on interests,
passions and skill sets

Meaningful Communities

Powerful and influential sponsors
with a passion for education and

Digital Incentives

Achievement-based gamification
system to install a behavior of
growth mindset