Our Mission

We provide guidance and mentorship, connecting students to resources and tangible opportunities.

Two characters drawing on virtual screen

- Who We Are

Aptive is a global edtech company focused on curating innovative and meaningful experiences for learners through all chapters of life. We utilize our combined experiences, knowledge, and philanthropic passion to maximize students' educational experiences and beyond.

- Why Aptive?

Finding the right path in the digital age is tricky. We believe success is a life-long journey that begins with engaging and building communities. Aptive nurtures these unique learning experiences in-line with personal growth.

Meet Our Team

A global team of enablers with a vast network of resources, enhanced with technology.

Alex Kim
Founder & CEO
Edward Lee
Jihae Kim
Chief of Staff
Jason Lam
Director of Admissions Consulting
Anna Choi
Education Consultant
Mike Cho
Head of Boarding Admissions
Karin Lee
Jr. Boarding
Education Consultant
Arnold Gelacio
Joon Lee
Managing Director
Amy Zhuo
Education Consultant
Ta-Wei Wang
Jessica Neumann
Head of Primary Education
Adam Blazer
Technical Advisor
Qian Chen
Operations Manager
Michael Cho
Graduate /
Managing Editor
Jihyung Cha
Operations Consultant
Suna Kim
Operations Consultant
Ying Pei
Client Manager
Peter Knell
Head of Business Development