Consulting Portal

Aptive's digital portal develops students to become the best version of themselves.

Two characters drawing on virtual screen

The Consulting Portal unifies students, consultants, mentors, and parents.

Collaboration happens in real-time, ultimately leading to real-world outcomes. The massive consolidation of our decades of experience as education consultants and educators combined with proprietary technology creates unprecedented avenues to a vast array of networks.


Collaborative Workspace

A shared dashboard where collaboration happens in real-time.

Shared Calendar

Set reminders or events and ensure everyone is on the same page.


Keep track of assigned to-do's or create goals that drive personal growth.


Transparent communication is key. Students can connect to their advisors any time, anywhere.

Desktop & Mobile

The portal is accessible whether you are on your laptop or on the go.


A shared space where resources can be stored and accessed from any device.